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had a weird eunhae um suju dream?
lol suju & eunhae were like wizards or people who have powers or somethings.
hahaha LOLS!! I dun remember how I got this dream...
I think I must have watch something.... =w=;;; I know magic was related to something I watch..
well whatever... This was yesterday's dream but yeah... I was too busy to post it up so here I am
posting it up today! <3 umm it's 8:22 am??? lols

yeah Hae spoke in chinese o__o; I was like omg! D:! & hyuk lol he's like...
a son of some rich spell caster or something hahahha lol.. D:
hae can play basketball! D: it wasn't regular!  he was like.. jumping high  & sky rocketing!
D:!.. there was this girl showing off! she like beat hae's team.. but hae was like..
OMG you have powers just us too or something like that in chinese.. lol & she was totally clueless
xD;; anywho then a eunhae scene came along hae & hyuk was talking about something...
but then they weren't able to speak!  it's like the words were block! everytime they tried saying a specific
word nothing comes out! lol.. reminds me of Kingdom hearts 2!  but I know! I wasn't watching that shizz yesteryday!
it was something else ><;; D: lol then hae fainted due to some.. Idk... what it is but I woke up!

lawl I was like "OMG NOOOo HAE!" *THUD* I hit my arms at the wall & damn did it hurt!  hurt like hell!
Thats why your brain should not have action dreams! beacuse you would end up hitting stuff & etc!

well toodles....

umm yeah...
I had this really wierd dream...
my grandma found this black kitty
& gave it to me as a pet...

I gave it a name... forgot it though..
hahha.. it was something... s....s??
or was it something else...


I forgot.. anyways.. yeah...
here is the update!! I know it took
forever but yeah...

the layout of what the bathroom looked like...
yeah... minne & me escaped there & went to that elevator!

omg the dream was soo creepy ;___;
anywhos ...
toodles...  I feel like drawing something...


Looks like I did draw something hahaha xD <33

muahahha xD  <33 I love sac days! <3

LMAO I totally suck

Yeah... I totally do suck!!

OKay yeah kthnx!
I know I barely use this journal.. & I'm starting to abuse
my Blogspot journal by being hiatus from it for sometime
now >___>;; ahh well.

haha!  OMG I need new ppl on my MSN LIST! I totally just
like deleted 7 people from my list! D:!! I'm soo bad...
well it's not like I did it on purpose.. I mean.. come on...
they never talk to me.. what's the point in having someone on
the list & not talk to you??  Well that's not the point!  The point
of this journal is.....

OMG today at the sushi bar I went too! OMG I saw a hyukjae look
alike! D:!! I saw his doppleganger OMG!! I might die now! NUUuuu

well yeah.. for reals.. he looks like hyukkie! D<!  I almost wanna ask if
he know Super Junior!! sadly I love my sashimi too much to wanna
ask him! ><;;!!  I knew I should've have brought a camera with me today!
I knew it I knew it I knew it! ><;;;!!! lawl yeah.. nice going dao... well anywhos!
yeah~ XD;;;

well... because I kept looking at him.. I think he got scared & left the bar..
ahahahaha Staring is bad! PEOPLE! Don't ever stare! you might lose
something (or someone) important? xD;;

well yeah... that's my story for today!  OMG teh sashimi was soo good
*_____* I must get more! ><;;
I'm emoing....
I'm so eunhae deprived I cried just listening
to those random musics off of that


I heard eunhae was soo together in japan...
makes me jealous..
nee-san... please tell me you saw eunhae
in japan too?  ;___;

mandie??? where are you?
I miss you.. ;___;
did you, too, see eunhae there?

so...so... sad....

My mom & dad are in debt!!
I'm so worry about them!!
I wish I can do something to help!!
Why must we live in such a cruel society.

News of the weird

Kyuhyun's journal..
Really mysterious...
I like his Bed song?
I'm eunhae deprived?

Nothing much... I'm just posting to keep updated...
DIAGNOSED is about to be published... 
I'm also updating Prison Break and Mystery6 REPLAYED soon.
Please look forward to it.

Now, about NeWs of the Weird... 
That quote was taken from my 11th grade U.S history teacher.
He would entertain us every morning with his NeWs of the Weird
It's true.  The news are really weird.  He can also play the guitar.

About Kyuhyun's bed song...  I like it very much. 
If I can find the hangul romanization to it.
I would sing it every night! 
It's lyric is sung with SuJu's Believe tune. 
Very cute!

And about his journal.
It's very short as usual again...
I wonder what's he up too this time.

By the way... Did you heard?
There was a quake in China.

I wish the healthiest to my lovely SJM boys
and of course to the those who was
affected the most at the quake, and their families!

Please know that even though
you may not hear my message now
there are people out in the world who
will always be wishing for your healthiest!



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